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Government lauds formation of the energy association

SENATOR Darcy Boyce, Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s office, has called the formation of the Barbados Renewable Energy Association [BREA] a timely one.

Speaking at the launch of the association on Friday, Boyce alluded to the fact that it had a significant role to play in today’s economy and cited four drivers of Government towards seeing renewable energy and the facilitation of energy efficiency in the country.

Firstly, the Senator saw a move in this direction leading to a much needed reduction in imports of fossil fuels. According to him, this reduction by itself would raise the gross domestic product of the country.

The Senator added that another driving force was the Government’s desire to have a steady price for energy, particularly when that energy fuels industries such as commerce and tourism. “The removal of the volatility of energy prices reduces the shocks that business and consumers have to face,” he pointed out, stressing that each time a business or consumers had to deal with such shocks, a break was placed on other areas of spending in the economy.

Thirdly, he said that focus on renewable energy created the potential of developing an industry in the installation and maintenance of renewable energy technology. Boyce called for substantial capital investments which is required to develop the capacity for renewable energy solutions and insisted that ensuring such a capacity required “a range of skills and several workers, as well as several companies”.
Furthermore, he alluded to the fact that it was most certain that such a drive would lead to an increase of a number of jobs created and by extension, the development of new businesses as entrepreneurs set out to create new streams of income.

Finally, the Minister said that it is Government’s mission to ensure that Barbados moved towards being a greener economy by reducing carbon emissions which resulted from the generation of electricity from fossil fuels.

Senator Boyce further noted that, “As we move to realise the potential for renewable energy, several business and householders will wish to get advice on how they should participate.” He also explained that these potential investors would want to get their information from several sources, including an independent source. “This is a role I [expect] the [Barbados Renewable Energy Association] can usefully play,” he asserted.

Boyce cautioned the Association to look beyond the familiar sources of alternative energy often cited in talks about the issue: wind and solar. He urged the association to draw on its knowledge of other sources such as solar-thermal, geo-thermal, sea-water air-conditioning, waste to fuel and waste to energy, as well as sewage to energy and hoped that in time BREA would begin to promote these various alternatives to the public. (RA)


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