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Global Wind Group Introduces Windlite to the Caribbean

Lowering electrical bills has become a pressing need so it is with great excitement that Global Wind Group Inc. introduces the WindLite™ at the Caribbean Renewable Energy Conference in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The Windlite™ is a modular power system capable of powering what you need where you need it and comes standard with;



1.       A Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT)

2.       A wide variety of modular attachments to suit your lighting, communication, and security needs.

3.       A 10M (30’) composite pole and four (4) batteries

4.       Simple installation requiring two workers, a cement pile, four (4) bolts, and a crane.


The best time to invest in energy is now. The days of low utility prices are past. The WindLite™ is a 250W modular stand-alone power supply with options such as:


•         Various lighting options, street lamps, spot lights, and area lights.

•         Communications hardware including WIFI and Cellular with a coverage of 6km radius or 25km straight-line relay.

•         Wireless security cameras with pan, tilt and zoom

•         Infrastructure needs such as street lamps, traffic-control signals, safety and information signs

•         Many other household and business machines.


Reducing monthly electrical bills is now within everyones reach. Individuals, businesses and governments will all benefit from considering the WindLite™ as part of their renewable energy needs. This customizable product will increase lighting and security while reducing electrical bills.


Global Wind Group Inc. is a privately held corporation which designs, sells and installs vertical axis wind turbine technology and has headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. Please visit for additional information on Global Wind Group Inc.’s products and services.


For Media Inquiries please contact:

Justin Phillips
V.P. of Sales and Marketing

Global Wind Group Inc.
200-135 Innovation Drive
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3T 6A8


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