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Global Solar Opportunity Tool Estimates Market Potential and Payback for Solar Technologies

Clean Energy Solutions Center Releases Tool for Analyzing Solar Technologies’ Market Potential

The Clean Energy Solutions Center has created a new tool that will help policy makers and analysts evaluate opportunities for increased solar deployment. The Global Solar Opportunity Tool, now available online in a beta (test) version, will enable users to understand the size and location of key markets where photovoltaic systems can be deployed cost-effectively.

The tool enables quick, intuitive analysis and visualization of the technical potential, economic opportunity, and market size for a variety of solar technologies, ranging from residential rooftop systems to utility-scale installations. With the tool, users can evaluate key metrics against a range of cost scenarios, helping them to identify the most promising market opportunities across countries.

Additional enhancements are under way that will allow users to tailor their analysis by changing the geographic area of interest (including the addition of sub-national data) or by entering their own data as refinements to the tool’s default data.

To expand the tool’s reach and capabilities, future versions will include improved and more granular data, including data for concentrating solar power technologies. The tool also aims to offer broader analysis features, including the ability to estimate how market potential and economic payback vary with financial policy incentives.

The Clean Energy Solutions Center welcomes opportunities to collaborate with other organizations to improve the tool and promote its use. To submit suggestions or questions, join the Global Solar Opportunity Tool discussion forums and training opportunities on the Solutions Center website or email

For more information on solar and wind resource potential around the world, see the Global Atlas for Solar and Wind Energy being developed by the Clean Energy Ministerial and the International Renewable Energy Agency (a brochure is available that describes the atlas).

Residential PV Payback Period Map
The Global Solar Opportunity Tool helps users to understand the size and location of market opportunities for cost-effective deployment of solar technologies.



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