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Gibara One Wind Farm Generates More than 17 Thousand Megawatts

The generation of 17 thousand 754 Megawatts (MW/h) from the mid of February 2008 until last November, is a key contribution to the national power net by the Gibara One wind farm, in the province of Holguin.

Jose Luis Piferrer Martinez, its manager, said that the fuel saved this term is three thousand 931 tons of diesel.

But also having prevented the emission to the atmosphere of more than 14 thousand cubic meters of carbon dioxide and other polluting gases.

Piferrer added that the wind speed average, a key fact to make the wind generators work, was of 6,29 meters per second, above the required standard.

The specialist also said that they have reached the wind farm’s technical readiness at 82 percent during five years of exploitation, in spite of the damages caused by hurricane Ike.

Engineer Piferrer remembered that eight months after the Farm’s opening sea floods caused by Ike on the night of the seventh to the eighth last September 2008 damaged its equipments and its electric and electronic systems.

In 2009, after the work by the maintenance and operations brigades that solved the leaks half of the generators started to work, and at the moment there is one that is not working yet.



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