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Geothermal Project Moves To Next Level

Geothermal drilling equipment in Dominica

Geothermal drilling equipment in Dominica


Dominica’s drive to become the first carbon negative economy in the hemisphere by developing geothermal energy, has moved to another level.


Commencement of the drilling of the first production and re-injection well in the Roseau Valley has begun.


A Geothermal re-injection well is a well which has been constructed to dispose of geothermal fluids derived from geothermal resources, into an underground reservoir. r.


During his National Day address on November 3, prime minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, had said drilling would commence within a week.


“This is a precursor to the construction of a small geothermal plant of 15 to 20 megawatts, for supplying electricity to the local market. The plant is expected to be operational by the end of 2015, and consumers can expect to see an initial drop of about 30 per cent in their electricity bills,” he said.


At a meeting on Tuesday night residents of Trafalgar got the opportunity to hear the results of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) on the project.


According to Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau Valley constituency, Dr Collin McIntyre, the meeting is a part of government’s promise to keep the people updated as the project progresses.


McIntyre described the EIA as essential.


“It’s a baseline study in terms of what you have and if there are any changes, then you can know. You must know what you have to know what you are losing. We don’t expect any negative to come from that since the well in Trafalgar is a re-injection well,” he said.


He pointed out further that the geothermal project in Dominica is one which will adopt the best practices.


Following the meeting in Trafalgar, another one will be held in Laudat on Wednesday night.


The Government of Dominica has been commended on its geothermal program so far. At a Geothermal Development Partners Forum held from September 26 to 27, development partners pledged their support for further advancement of the project.


Government has invested over $31-million in exploring the island’s geothermal potential.



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