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The Scientific Research Council (SRC)/ Caribbean Energy Information System (CEIS) is a media partner of GEOLAC 2012.

GEOLAC is a new regional conference which reflects the emergence of geothermal as a long-term and sustainable source of baseload power for Latin America and the Caribbean. Across the region, the geothermal opportunity is significant but, in all but a few markets, under-deployed. Against this backdrop, GEOLAC will gather the key stakeholders – governments, utilities, multilaterals, developers, capital providers, engineers, and other providers of expertise – to explore opportunities for increased geothermal output, tackle obstacles to growth, promote the exchange of knowledge and expertise, and facilitate vital new meetings and relationships.

Ultimately we will measure the success of GEOLAC in terms of progress towards the origination, funding and execution of world-class geothermal projects in Latin America & the Caribbean.

GEOLAC will gather world-class speakers to debate, analyze and explore the future of geothermal development region-wide:

– Which markets present the best opportunities for geothermal development?
– Does geothermal development have sufficient support at a political level region-wide and what needs to be done to promote this?
– How available is financing? From which sources and on what terms?
– What can we learn from successful regional and world-wide projects?
– What more can be done to mitigate exploration and project risk?
– Are we sufficiently aware of environmental issues and are they reflected at a policy/regulatory level across the region?
– What new technologies are currently emerging and what impact will they have on regional development?

To download the GEOLAC 2012 draft agenda please click here

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