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Further reductions in electricity bills this month


This month, JPS continues to pass on lower fuel costs to customers, as a result of continuing decreases in the cost of the oil used to generate electricity. The drop in the cost of oil is reflected in the Fuel & IPP Charge on customers’ bills.


The Fuel & IPP Charge on electricity bills has seen a 16% reduction in the last three months, moving from $26.881 per kilowatt-hour on September bills to $22.514 per kWh on December bills. This charge makes up more than 60% of customers’ electricity bills, and changes from one month to the next, depending on how much JPS pays Petrojam for the oil used to produce electricity.


The fuel rate that appears on bills each month is based on the cost of the fuel used to generate electricity in the previous month. The Fuel & IPP Charge on December bills are therefore based on what JPS paid for the oil used to generate electricity in November. Customers will see a 2% reduction in in their December bills, compared to November. This follows an 8% reduction in last month’s bill.


Despite the drop in the Fuel Charge on bills, JPS is encouraging customers to continue their conservation efforts.



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