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Former United States President Bill Clinton urges Caribbean countries to pursue the path of Renewable Energy

Former United States president Bill Clinton is encouraging Jamaica and other Caribbean countries to become more self efficient in regard to energy generation.

President Clinton made the call while delivering a public lecture in Kingston yesterday.

He noted that the Caribbean has the highest cost for electricity in the world, with Jamaicans paying three times more for the service than persons in the United States.

President Clinton says Caribbean governments need to utilise natural sources of energy in order to reduce dependency on expensive sources.

He also says pursuing a path of using clean, renewal energy represents the greatest opportunity for economic and social growth for the Caribbean.

Meanwhile, President Clinton says a diversified energy policy will help the Caribbean to become more competitive.

In Jamaica, the manufacturing, private business and tourism sectors have complained that the high cost for electricity has placed them at a disadvantage to their regional counterparts.

There have also been calls for the government to liberalise the electricity sector as well as to employ renewable forms of energy in the process.

The energy and mining minister, James Robertson has said the country could have a Renewable Energy Policy in place before year end.

In the meantime, President Clinton says Caribbean countries must move to work closer together in order to drive development.

He says failure to recognise the interdependence of the region may further delay progress in the Caribbean.

The former US president further suggested that Caribbean countries should focus on common interests and seek to reduce those things that divide them.

He was delivering a public lecture under the theme “Embracing our Common Humanity”.

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