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Forest waste energy generated in Santiago de Cuba

The Great Stone Forest Enterprise Integral Baconao account at this time with a forest waste gasifier enables the generation of electricity, which means a substantial saving of energy carriers and more care for the environment. Biomass-Cuba Project has sponsored the installation of equipment.

Dr. Angel Recio, professor of the Center for Energy Efficiency at the University of East, explained that, first of its kind in the country for industrial purposes, the plant provided by burning in a reactor of sawdust and wood recortería , the gas required to power a generator of 40 kw. power.

Generated at very low cost, this energy that you can supply more than 100 homes, primarily aims to contribute through the National Power Grid to stabilize the voltage in the area, due to excessive use of computers in the body, is affected markedly during business hours.

In this function the gasifier replaces the 2 800 tonnes of fuel in one year would require an efficient generator of fuel oil of similar capacity.

The plant has several filters and devices that ensure the high gas cleaning used in the operation of the internal combustion engine.

Viant Gilart Amarilys engineer specializing in energy efficiency of the company, said that for the previous preparation of the biomass to be processed, the facility has a wood chopper machine and briquetting of sawdust, fed both by the very power delivered.

He added that far from encouraging the indiscriminate felling of trees, helps to preserve forests and the environment, as only consumes 60 kilograms of sawdust and recortería per hour in a sawmill industrial process which throws every year thousands of cubic meters of these wastes, dumped in the mountains affect the flora, fauna and the local population.

In addition, as a project sustainable biomass have all necessary, because the entity located at about 40 000 hectares of the ridge of the Great Stone, in recent years maintained a pace of planting close to two million seedlings of timber trees, with a high survival.

To this must be added the fuel savings to evacuate the sawdust is required for the hills with hundreds of truck travel a considerable distance, and the possibility that the modern equipment to be serviced by employees of the sawmill at no additional cost salary.

In use of renewable energy, biomass-Cuba develops own other programs in the Santiago de Cuba, Guantanamo, Las Tunas, Sancti Spiritus and Matanzas, rectories all for the Experimental Station of Pastures and Forages Indio Hatuey, which was founded by Fidel yumurino in the municipality of Perico, turns 50 next March 8, 2012.


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