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Foreign Professionals Attend Cuban Scientific Meeting on Nuclear Energy


HAVANA, Cuba, Feb 5 (acn) Experts of international organizations are taking part in a scientific meeting at Cuba’s Agency of Nuclear Energy and Advanced Technologies (AENTA), held on the occasion of the center’s 20th anniversary.


One of them, Raul Ramirez, representative of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), will speak about the impact of the cooperation program of his center with the Caribbean nation, Marta Contreras, a specialist with the AENTA told ACN.


Pan American Health Organization epresentative Ileana Fleitas will focus on cooperation in the field of nuclear energy, and the same thing will do Professor Pierre J.M. Van Espen, of the University of Amberes, Belgium.


Another speaker will be Wilfrid Balmer, general director of the French company Mediterranean Society of Zeolites, one f the main business companies of these natural materials in France and the world.


The first lecture of the meeting was in charge of Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart, Doctor Honoris Causa of Nuclear Physics, who referred to aspects related to science, technology and innovation.


According to the meeting’s agenda, AENTA director Engineer Luisa Aniuska Betancourt will present the main results of the center, one of which consisted in a new radio drug for the treatment of chronic synovitis.



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