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First JPS net billing customer in rural Jamaica connected


Managing Director of Mystic Mountain Attractions in Ocho Rios Michael Draculich became the first Jamaica Public Service (JPS) net billing customer in St Ann and rural Jamaica on October 1.


Draculich will now sell surplus energy produced at his property in Old Fort Bay, near Mammee Bay to the JPS.


Damian Lyn (left) of Alternative Power Sources, which installed the system explains the intricacies of the operation to Draculich.


“Right now we have a 20 kilowatt solar generating system which is a hybrid system which uses wind and solar and also has a grid tie and battery system as well,” Draculich said.


“It’s probably the most efficient way to charge your house for your needs and then generate enough electricity so that you can sell that surplus onto the grid and I am going to be doing that,” he added.


Draculich who was issued licenses by JPS in 2012 under an agreement with the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) joins four other net billing customers, all in Kingston and St Andrew.


Old Fort Village, an apartment complex now under construction, will be the first fully supplied by alternative energy, Draculich said adding that has used alternative energy source for the last 10 years.


“During that 10 years I have never had a power failure; I have never had a spike in electricity, I have never had to put surge protector on any of my things,” he declared.


Under the net billing system, customers buy electricity from the grid at the going rate, but sell at a reduced rate to JPS.



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