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Final Stakeholder Consultation For The Development Of Renewable Energy In Dominica



The Renewable Energy Unit of the Ministry of Public Works, Energy and Ports will host the third and final stakeholder consultation to create the legal and regulatory framework for renewable energy in Dominica, focusing in particular on the country’s geothermal potential for electricity generation as well as on other cost effective renewable energy technologies such as hydro, solar, and wind energy.


This event, scheduled for 9.00 a.m. on Thursday, March 25, 2010 at the conference room of the Garraway Hotel in Roseau, is part of the World Bank funded Growth and Social Protection Technical Assistance (GSPTA) consultancy project for Dominica.


The objective of the consultancy is to produce draft Legislation and Regulations, in particular for geothermal energy that will provide the legal and regulatory framework for the development of renewable energy in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

The consulting firm, Castalia, based in Washington D. C. is carrying out this assignment for the Ministry. The assignment commenced in November 2009, and is coming to its completion.


This final meeting of energy and environment stakeholders will review progress made on the project to date, and will discuss the recommended approach to complete the legal and regulatory framework for alternative energy.
The meeting will consider the provisions of a draft Geothermal Resources Development Bill and draft Environmental and Planning Regulations for renewable energy, engage in discussing stakeholder comments on the draft Bill and the draft Regulations, and present a recommended structure of Dominica’s renewable energy structure, including recommendations for the next steps to allow an effective and sustainable development of the sector.


The Ministry of Public Works, Energy and Ports is encouraged by the responses from stakeholders, and feels confident that continued involvement, participation and input by those stakeholders will help to finalize draft laws and regulations that are relevant to our national situation and interest.


The development of renewable energy in Dominica is expected to greatly reduce the cost of electricity generated and sold, and to strengthen Dominica’s energy security, energy efficiency, energy independence and environmental sustainability. This view is supported by the consultants, who, in their final report, state that “There is often a real trade-off between reduction of carbon emissions and reduction of electricity costs and prices. Dominica is fortunate enough that it may achieve both at the same time, thanks to its endowment in renewable energy resources, in particular geothermal and hydro.”


The Ministry of Public Works, Energy and Ports looks forward to this important event, which will help determine how Dominica develops its renewable energy resources for reducing energy costs and supporting economic growth.


For more information contact:
Renewable Energy Unit 
Ministry of Public Works, Energy and Ports 
Government Headquarters 
Commonwealth of Dominica
Tel: + 1 767 266-3298 or 266-3309

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