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Excerpts of a speech by Senator Conrad Enill, Minister of Energy and Energy Industries in the Trinidad and Tobago Government at the South Trinidad Chamber of Industry and Commerce Annual Energy Conference, January 2010

We have also done a few things. We switched to all unleaded gasoline several years ago. We are in the midst of reducing our natural gas consumption in electricity generation by a programme to have all of our power generation converted to combined-cycle generators by 2016.

In addition, the South Chamber in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries and the Ministry of Planning Housing and the Environment are currently working together to collaborate and conceptualize a Carbon Capture and Storage project for Trinidad and Tobago.

This project will outline the role and responsibility of each organisation, the technology to be employed and the implications of the Carbon Capture and Storage project for existing plants. We are also planning for a large reduction in diesel and gasoline consumption via the expansion of the Compressed Natural Gas programme. That being said, I am pleased to advise that the Government is developing a renewable energy policy for Trinidad and Tobago which should be available for public comment shortly.

Additionally we are in the process of developing a framework for partnering with the United States through its Department of Energy (USDOE) in the development of a Renewable Energy Research Centre and a Framework for Partnership under the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA). The Partnership was first announced at the Fifth Summit of the Americas in Port of Spain, where President Obama invited all countries of the Western Hemisphere to be a part of a united effort in this critical area.

Since the Summit in April, regional response has been positive across all five ECPA elements: energy efficiency, renewable energy, cleaner fossil fuels, critical infrastructure, and energy poverty alleviation.

Moreover, the Renewable Energy Research Centre would provide an excellent opportunity to broaden our joint activities while building needed capacity in the region. The Centre would benefit from being networked to other regional energy centres that have already been established in Chile, Peru and Colombia, and other centres that might be established. The progress of Trinidad and Tobago as a nation depends on our ability to use our energy resources in ways that provide maximum benefit to all the people of our country.

The Government has embraced a sustainable development methodology that aims to improve our standard of living and expand our nation’s opportunities for tomorrow as we move towards developed nation status.

The key strategies developed and deployed by this Government for the current and long-term vibrancy of the gas sector revolve around the deliberate selection of a mix of gas-consuming projects which will provide for diversification, balance and maximum value-adding potential for our economy.


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