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ESS Short-Listed for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Projects in The Bahamas

Turbine Parts

Turbine Parts

ESS Team Short-Listed by Bahamas Electricity Corporation to Implement Renewable Energy Technologies in The Bahamas

ESS Group, Inc. is pleased to announce that its project development team’s renewable energy proposal has received a favorable review from the Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC). The proposal will now proceed to phase II of the evaluation process of selecting renewable energy proposals for The Bahamas.

ESS has teamed with a consortium of energy businesses to propose an integrated renewable energy project comprised of several renewable technologies, including wind and waste-to-energy facilities, to supply electricity to the BEC. In its role as a member of the development team, ESS will provide regulatory and environmental compliance support, including the preparation of Environmental Impact Assessments, and Environmental Management Plans, as appropriate.

This project proposal is intended to support the BEC and the Bahamian Government’s desire to diversify its generating systems to include power generation from renewable energy sources and reduce The Bahamas’ dependence on fossil fuels.

ESS Team Short-Listed by Ministry of Environment to Support Sustainable Energy Program in The Bahamas

ESS Group, Inc. is pleased to announce that their consultant team has been short-listed by the Ministry of Environment (MOE) and will proceed to the proposal submission stage for the promotion and support of sustainable energy and energy conservation programs in The Bahamas. The MOE reviewed a total of 19 Expressions of Interest, selecting just 6 teams to respond to the Request for Proposals.

The objectives of this project will be to promote and support sustainable energy by providing alternatives to minimize the dependency on fossil fuels including renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste to energy, and energy conservation programs in order to ensure sustainable development in The Bahamas.

If selected, ESS will assist with the assessment of the renewable energy potential in The Bahamas, which will include designing a wind monitoring assessment initiative and assessing the potential of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion. Additional support will be offered to review current environment policies and regulations relative to the establishment of waste to energy facilities, and assisting the MOE, BEST Commission, and Bahamas Electricity Corporation in strengthening their technical and institutional capacity.


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