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Energy week activities end on a high note in Guyana

The Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) on Friday ended activities for Energy Week 2011 at the Umana Yana.
The event was held under the theme “Guyana’s Youths adopting clean low-energy lifestyles”.
The week of activities sought to sensitize youths on energy usage and its role in Guyana’s development.
The event ended with an energy seminar and exhibition that was aimed at stimulating dialogue and interest in energy matters.
Companies such as the Guyana Power and Light Inc., Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the University of Guyana, all demonstrated the activities, plans and experiences in relation to energy and its effective and efficient use.
Schools interactions, discussion, television quiz and poster competition for Grades Four and Nine students were held during the week of observance.
Prime Minister Samuel Hinds pointed out that energy and its use are now recognised to be an important issue.
He posited that at this time people must consider their lifestyles as it relates to the impact on the environment.
Hinds added that Guyana must look at ways to come in line with the sustainable use of materials and include modifications to aspirations of development.
Chief Energy Officer, Mahendar Sharma explained that energy conservation is important since in Guyana energy generation emanates from fossil fuel that has a cost economically, physically and to the environment. He referred to the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) which seeks to reduce Guyana’s carbon footprint on the environment, and conservation is one element that would help to achieve that.
Sharma emphasised that targeting youths and educating them on energy conservation and what they can do to reduce consumption of energy is vital so that when they advance into the adult world they are prepared, and they are the main catalyst to getting adults to change their attitudes.


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