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Renewable Energy Utilization in Energy Efficiency Projects in Hospitals

The Energy Efficiency Unit (EEU) of the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica was established in late 2003 with the broad mandate of managing a national energy efficiency improvement programme. This establishment was prompted by the worsening energy situation at that time, which saw Jamaica’s annual energy bill increasing by 158.6% for the previous 5-year period, while the quantity of oil imported annually in that period increased by only 17.9%.

The largest project undertaken by the EEU to date has been the Energy Efficiency Programme in Hospitals and Schools, which covers energy auditing of hospitals and schools, and implementation of energy efficiency measures in hospitals. Future programmes will target the energy needs of other public sector entities such as the National Water Commission.

Energy Efficiency Programme in Hospitals and Schools funded in excess of $100,000,000 JMD by the UNDP, The Government of Jamaica, PCJ and USAID.

A summary of projects completed thus far have included:

  • Energy auditing of 22 hospitals
  • Solar water heater installations
  • Upgrade of steam generation and distribution systems
  • Upgrade of steam consuming equipment
  • Power factor correction
  • Lighting efficiency improvement
  • Solar photovoltaic (PV) outdoor lighting
  • Air conditioning system upgrade
  • Water conservation
  • Training and capacity building

Hospital Energy Audits

The EEU has conducted full scale energy audits for 5 hospitals, walk-through energy audits for 17 hospitals and developed energy efficiency investment packages for 22 hospitals.

Solar Water Heater Installations
Such installations were implemented in hospitals listed below:

  • Bustamante – 4,500 litres.
  • Princess Margaret – 3,800 litres.
  • Cornwall Regional – 15,000 litres.
  • Percy Junor – 5,700 litres
  • Black River – 5,700 litres
  • Lionel Town – 5,700 litres

Generally, if solar water heaters are used to replace electric water heaters in hospitals, 6% to 8% of overall electricity consumption could be saved.

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