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Energy drive for Barbados

Barbados needs to make more effective use of solar energy. Prime Minister Freundel Stuart noted that while Barbados had been a leader in this area, there has been somewhat of a lag and efforts must be made to “quicken the pace again”, giving more attention to renewable energy.

Prime Minister Stuart noted that just a few months ago, he signed a loan agreement with the Inter-American Development Bank for $10 million, which was to establish a Smart Energy Fund, intended to promote the use of renewable sources of energy and by extension, to promote a consciousness among the Barbadian public, of the need for energy conservation.

“The price of fossil fuels has gone up astronomically as you know, and this touches so many other areas of activity in the society that we cannot afford to ignore that either. Many years ago, I was taken aback on the fact that we spend more money on the importation of oil than we spend on education – a situation that is not tenable,” he stated.

As such, he said that the options available to Barbados have to be carefully examined and more of our energies, he added, have to be directed to the use of renewable sources of energy.

“The late Professor Oliver Headley, of course of the University, had done quite a bit of work on the solar energy issue and that work now has to be carried on and the whole purpose of invoking the assistance of the Inter-American Development Bank has been to accentuate that kind of work and to get people a lot more energy conscious and certainly a lot more conscious about the use of alternative sources,” he noted.

He stated that when all the oil wells are dry, the sun will still be shining and as such, that avenue as an energy source must be properly capitalised on, as should wind energy.

“There is also the issue of wind energy, which we have to look at. I know that the Barbados Light and Power has been exploring possibilities in that area in the North. As far as I am aware, the difficulties that divided the Light and Power and the people in the North have now largely been resolved and they are at the point of take-off on that issue,” he said.

Prime Minister Stuart’s comments came during an interview aired on the local television station earlier this week. (JRT)


Source: Barbados Advocate

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