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Energy Database Development and Modeling Symposium

Energy Database Development and Modeling Symposium

May 6-7, 2009

The Ministry of Energy has primary responsibility for the provision of technical, economical, and social analyses geared towards enhancing planning, policy and decision making at the ministerial, national, sub-regional and regional levels. The Ministry monitors the activities of the energy sector with emphasis on statistics relevant to their impact n the economy as well as on the environment. In ensuring that these and other objectives are achieved, emphasis is places on the collection and the processing of energy statistics and on other information relevant to supporting qualitative and quantitative analyses.

The Ministry of Energy database, in its current form, does not readily support research based on historical data which is necessary for energy forecasting. As a result, the Ministry is now applying strategies to place more emphasis on analysis rather than on data collation. To accomplish this it is embarking on developing an Energy Database and Information System in order to strengthen the data management and analytical functions of the Ministry. As such an “Energy Database Development and Modeling Symposium” is scheduled for May 6-7, 2009 at the Ministry of Energy, 2nd Floor conference Room, PCJ Building, 36 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 10.

The symposium is aimed at strengthening network relationships as the Ministry of Energy, in collaboration with respective agencies, help to provide accurate, timely and consistent data/ information when called upon to do so. It will also assist in building a sustainable system for data collation among the participating stakeholders in the energy sector. During the symposium selected organizations will provide a 15-20 minute presentation on their agency’s current system for capturing, analyzing, modeling and disseminating data and information.

Source: Ministry of Energy, Jamaica

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