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Eco-Tec – providing viable energy alternatives

Leonard Butler, director of sales at Eco-Tec in Montego Bay, at the Negril Recycle Centre.
Leonard Butler, director of sales at Eco-Tec in Montego Bay, at the Negril Recycle Centre.


ECOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGIES Ltd (Eco-Tec), which specialises in the provision of alternative energy products, has been in operation for over 12 years, with Leonard Butler as its sales director and solar director.

A founding member of Eco-Tec, Butler received training in solar installations and maintenance from the Florida Solar Energy Centre and has worked in this capacity in and around Europe for the past 23 years.

He oversees the company’s product portfolio, including information on customer service, dealer development and training, technical support and company maintenance.

“I was involved in a similar company in Europe, Elka B.V., that was promoting and selling the same technology and expertise that I am currently doing in Jamaica,” Butler told The Gleaner.

At that time, he was head of the company’s sales department, involved in solar power, renewable energy, brand new devices, and general trading of commodities.

“I worked for Elka for approximately 18 months, 1995 till August 1997. Then the idea came to me to start up the same company in Jamaica, and that was the beginning of the company Eco-Tec,” he recalled.

Support Haiti

Among Butler’s most memorable moments with Eco-Tec, he recalled the company’s donation of several thousand US dollars and energy and water-saving devices in support of Haiti following the January 12, 2010 earthquake in that country.

“There was a campaign to raise funds and items for Haiti here in Montego Bay; we delivered the goods to a collection area where the goods where transported to Haiti,” he recounted.

“We wanted to help, so the first step was to contact the Office of Disaster Preparedness, which advised us to make contact with the Jamaican Red Cross. They came to our office in Montego Bay and collected the gifts in person.”

He also had fond recollections of a documentary Eco-Tec did with the British Broadcasting Commission (BBC), called The Ethnical Man, which was aired in February 2006 on BBC 2 Newsnight. The programme looks at carbon footprint offsetting, and how one normal United Kingdom (UK) family could reduce the footprint over the course of one year.

“In one episode, they travelled to Jamaica to see the cutting-edge projects that we are doing in the field of carbon emissions reduction and how we made it possible from, of all places, Jamaica,” he remarked.

Emission reduction

Other accomplishments under Butler’s tenure include Eco-Tec being the very first Caribbean company to create and sell VER carbon-emission reduction on the international market with Co2e from the UK, and hosting of the Caribbean Climate Conference (C3), the Caribbean’s biggest climate-change conference in Montego Bay in 2006.

“C3 was a conference that we put on at great risk to ourselves to bring all the major players involved in renewable energy and carbon-emission trading to Jamaica, so that we could face to face sit down with all the movers and shakers involved in our industry,” Butler told The Gleaner.

“The feedback that we got from the participants was that this was one of the best conferences they have ever attended anywhere.”

Butler believes that Jamaica’s accessibility to solar, wind and hydropower is a light at the end of the tunnel for the country’s energy capability.

“We can be totally sustainable, but we have to start somewhere, and it is the first step that’s always the hardest,” he said. “I truly believe that we can move mountains and make this happen, but we have to have the will.”

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