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Dominica’s Geothermal Exploration Ailed as ‘Exemplary’

Dr James St. Catherine of the OECS Secretariat


The Commonwealth of Dominica’s geothermal energy exploration, which commenced in 2011, has been commended by an official of the OECS Secretariat.


“In terms of the work that has been done in Dominica, it has been exemplary and I want to say congratulations,” Dr James St. Catherine of the OECS Secretariat said.


Dr. St Catherine expressed his commendation in addressing the opening ceremony of a regional two-day geothermal development workshop which opened here on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 at the Fort Young Hotel in Roseau.


The Dominica Government is pursuing the best options for the construction of a 15 megawatts geothermal energy plant for domestic supply and a 120 megawatt plant for export to Guadeloupe and Martinique via undersea cable.


“If you lead, you have to support. So as far as I know, as long as Dominica will proceed on its path of success, we will look to Dominica for support for the other countries,” Dr St. Catherine said.


“If we are not going to follow Dominica’s example as a body called the OECS, it’s going to be difficult,” he added.


According to Dr. St Catherine, in order for Caribbean countries to do anything sustainable, “we must work with a certain market size” whether it is indigenous or created.


“So if Dominica is going to lead the path, it is going to have to do so with all of us in the OECS full support”.


“Whether you’re from New Zealand, whether you’re from Dominica, whether you’re from St. Vincent, whether you’re from St. Kitts, this has to be a cooperative venture. It cannot succeed unless there is full cooperation,” Dr St. Catherine added.


Dominica is seeking to provide 50 megawatts to Martinique and 50 megawatts to Guadeloupe, thus reducing their dependence on fossil energies, while at the same allowing Dominica to be supplied entirely with green energy, through its geothermal energy project.


This 15 megawatt plant will be for domestic consumption and it is expected to significantly reduce the cost of electricity.


The government successfully completed the first phase of the project – drilling of production wells on March 1, 2014.


The next phase involves shutting down the wells for a twelve week period to monitor progress on the generation of heat.


According to Energy Minister, Rayburn Blackmoore a minimum of a minimum of 180 degrees Celsius is required to generate energy but what Dominica has gotten thus far is above 235 degrees.



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