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Dominica hopeful to see geothermal plant by 2014

Caribbean island state of Dominica is hopeful to see start of geothermal plant by 2014 and will start a tender process for construction and operation of a plant by the second half of 2013.

With a dependence on diesel for up to 70 percent of its electricity, there are big hopes for geothermal development in Dominica in the Caribbean.

It is reported this morning that there is a “strong likelihood” that Dominica will have an operational geothermal plant by 2014, so the country’s Prime Minister.

The government currently talks to companies in the industry for a partnership in the construction and operation of the plant.

It is expected that there will be a tender for the construction on the plant in the second half of 2013.

Negotiations are ongoing for the construction of a 10-15 MW geothermal plant within the next two to three years.

Current drilling efforts have been jointly financed and supported by the EU and the French Agency for Development. Three wells have been drilled in Laudat, Wotten and Waven in Dominica by Icelandic geothermal companies Iceland Drilling and ISOR.

Source: Caribbean Journal

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