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Dominica continues to push development of geothermal energy

The development of Dominica’s geothermal energy potential continues to be a major pre-occupation of the island’s government.

Energy Minister Rayburn Blackmore told the media last week that geothermal energy is “our greatest hope in renewable energy”, and that Dominica is “right ahead” in developing the resource.

The minister says actual drilling of the test wells in Wotten Waven is expected to commence in July this year.

“…We have a plan for renewable energy which is cleaner, more reliable and can be cheaper. This is why we are pursuing the project at Laudat and Wotten Waven. In July, we are going to start with the test wells. We already know that the resource exists but we want to prove the quality and quantity. We have identified a contractor from Iceland who will be in Dominica shortly along with his company. The tender for the actual supervision of the drilling of the test wells is currently out,” Blackmoore said.

Development of Dominica’s geothermal energy is expected to give the island a more reliable and affordable source of energy, thereby reducing its dependency on crude oil from other countries.

The long-term plan according to Blackmoore is to build a 120 megawatt power plant, which will have the capacity to provide energy to neighbouring islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique.

“One can appreciate the long term objective of that project in Wotten Waven and Laudat to build a 120 megawatt power station to sell to the departments of Guadeloupe and Martinique. Our local consumption, at best, only consumes around 18 megawatts of energy. Therefore, if we are going to build a power station with such capacity, it makes economic sense to us to sell the rest of the 80% that is not used. We are not talking about residue here; we are talking about most of the resource itself in terms of energy generation from that particular geothermal potential. This project is going to be financed by the European Union and the French Government,” Blackmoore said.

The government of Dominica is receiving assistance from the French government in bringing this project to fruition.

Source: Caribbean News Now

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