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Dollars Forge Strong Taiwan-Dominican Republic Bond

Santo Domingo.- Taiwan ambassador Valentino Tang on Thursday said the Dominican Republic is his country’s main trading partner in the Caribbean, and with the highest presence of Taiwanese companies in the region.

“As far as my mission as an ambassador is concerned, it is focused on boosting investment. In 2014, in the Free Zone of Tamboril, a factory of sports shoes was inaugurated in Santiago, with a capital of 35 million dollars and this year, the Taiwanese company General Energy Solutions, installed the solar power plant Monte Plata Solar in Monte Plata province,” the diplomat said.

He said the plant cost US$115 million,” being the largest solar power plant in all of Central America and the Caribbean,.”


Tang said one of Taiwan’s most important textiles manufactures wants to invest in the Dominican Republic, “as well as other companies that have evaluated the country’s excellent investment climate.”


The ambassador lauded the ties between Santo Domingo and Taipei, “which have maintained very cordial relations for more than seven decades,” which he affirms have been strengthened through cooperation programs in various areas in recent years, citing three major projects in Santo Domingo Este.


Beijing ties

As part of the annual meeting of Taiwan Scholarship Alumni, its president Ivan Ernesto Gatón said despite the country’s diplomatic ties with Taipei, “from the perspective of the political realism of international relations, it is more beneficial for the Dominican Republic to maintain its good commercial ties with Beijing without breaking diplomatic ties with Taiwan.”



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