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Digicel Benefits From Sun2com Solar Energy Solution


PV Energy installs sun2com systems for Caribbean mobile phone network provider

Steady developments of new technologies as well as an increasing need of staying online and connected on an international level require reliable internet and mobile phone connections – even in the most remote locations.

The energy supply for telecommunication stations, also referred to as Base Transceiver Stations (BTS), represents a real challenge for small islands such as in the Caribbean. A BTS facilitates wireless communication between a user’s device an d the network. To power these BTS sites in remote areas, many telecommunication companies exclusively utilise diesel generators. However, in the Caribbean this solution is becoming more and more prohibitively expensive considering the cost to purchase and transport fuel as well as the rising prices to maintain, repair and overhaul the on-site equipment.

0ebe548218To tackle this problem, Digicel – one of the most important Caribbean mobile phone network providers – recently decided to invest into two 5 kWp sun2com solutions developed by PV Energy Limited and The meeco Group.

Installed in St. Johns in Antigua, each of the sun2com solutions consists of 20 polycrystalline photovoltaic (PV) modules, generating annually at least 7.61 MWh of electricity and therefore saving more than 4,000 kilograms of CO2-emisssions per year. sun2comsolutions regularily also include a preferably lithium battery for power storage and a power management and monitoring tool. By providing clean and reliable energy for the BTS, sun2com reduces the risk of power shortages and outages and gives Digicel more independence from rising fuel and increasing delivery costs. Furthermore, Digicel benefits from lower maintenance requirements and contributes to the sustainable development of the whole Caribbean region.

Specifically designed for off-grid areas the sun2com is the optimal solution for all mobile operators, which are acting in remote regions. Based on top-tier equipment and components to ensure a long-term performance, the sun2com solare0567603ectelecommunication solution has for example already been implemented for the leading data and voice communication provider in Pakistan.

About PV Energy Ltd.: PV Energy Limited was founded in 2010 and formed by the London-based property investor Prof. (hc) Peter Virdee and clean-energy provider The meeco Group. The meeco Group’s core business focuses on the energy sector and is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. The group currently has over 50 employees working across 4 continents. As a leader in clean energy solutions, The meeco Group has delivered a remarkable compilation of projects totalling 370 MW across the globe. They continue to accomplish their mission by providing project developers, investors, governments, and private businesses with full turnkey clean energy solutions from development, financial structuring, construction management, right up to long-term operation and management.


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