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Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ) supporting RE Projects- Submit Today!

Direct Loans

Target sectors

The DBJ will finance development projects in the following established sectors:

  1. Tourism (attractions, accommodations, health tourism, eco-tourism)
  2. Agriculture and Agro-processing/Agri-business
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Mining
  5. Infrastructure & related services (Power, water, sewage etc)
  6. Energy/ Alternative Energy solutions
  7. Information and communications technology

Project eligibility

Each project must be able to demonstrate a net economic benefit to the country through any combination of the following general development criteria:

  • Employment creation
  • Foreign exchange earnings or savings
  • Facilitation and/or stimulation of foreign direct investments
  • Expansion of export capacity
  • Diversification of an existing industry
  • Utilisation of local inputs
  • Demonstrate long-term financial viability
  • Demonstrate the ability to repay DBJ’s loan
  • Lead to development of management skills and technological know-how
  • Indicate strong market demand for their products and/or services
  • Demonstrate the ability to meet projected demand targets
  • To demonstrate that its operations have no adverse effects on the environment.
  • Capital will constitute no more than 20% of DBJ’s loan.
  • Unless it forms part of a development project, the DBJ will not lend money for refinancing and land acquisition. In the case of land acquisition, the DBJ will only provide financing of up to 10% of DBJ’s agreed loan amount .

Company qualification criteria

In addition to achieving project eligibility, it is important for the company to possess the following characteristics:

  • Be registered and operating in Jamaica
  • Have majority Jamaican ownership (up to 75%). However, Well-documented exceptions could be made however, to allow for the consideration of projects that represent a compelling case for national development.
  • Not be sole proprietorship
  • Demonstrate sound management practices and capability
  • Be current with all statutory deduction payments evidenced by a Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC)
  • Be current with property taxes , where applicable
  • Disclose all its associated companies and subsidiaries
  • Possess effective internal operational control systems

Loan limits

  • The minimum limit for direct lending is J$50M (or US$ equivalent) per project.
  • The maximum limit for direct lending is J$500M (or US$ equivalent) for any one project, company or group. (The limits applicable to a project are expanded to a company or group of companies, where a group of companies would be defined to include companies with common ultimate shareholders holding in excess of 70% of their equity).
  • If DBJ is the sole lender, the Bank will lend a maximum of 70% of the overall project cost.
  • Where projects are co-financed or DBJ participates in a syndication the DBJ will lend a maximum of 65% of the project cost not financed by other financial institutions.
  • Stakeholder’s equity must be no less than 30% of the total project cost.
  • DBJ will not accept sweat equity as part of a company’s contribution to the cost of the project.


Direct loans must be fully secured. The collateral coverage ratio (collateral value:loan balance) must be at least 1:1. The DBJ will require all direct loans to be secured by any combination of the following securities:

  • Debentures supported by any or all of the collateral items listed below:
    • Mortgages over real property
    • Bills of sale over equipment and other fixed assets
    • Assignment of leases, contract revenues, shares, and insurance policies
    • Personal guarantees of the principals
    • Hypothecation of cash

Where the DBJ co-finances a project or participates in syndicated lending, the DBJ must share a first charge on the relevant collateral on a pari-passu basis with the other lenders.

DBJ Brochure

DBJ Energy Funding

DBJ General Lending Criteria

DBJ Handbook

DBJ Interest Rates


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Development Bank of Jamaica Ltd.
11A – 15 Oxford Road,
Kingston 5, Jamaica W.I.
Tel: (876…;929-6124-8; 929-4000-2

Denise Arana,
General Manager,
Direct Client Relationships

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