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Democratising The Renewables In Jamaica

I have been following your columnist David Cooke’s ideas on renewable energy proliferation and policies in Jamaica and thinking of who has the experience and expertise to bring off what he suggested in his recent

 To me, the participation of both Carltons (Davis and Samuels), Edward Seaga, Cooke, Alwin Hayles, YP Seaton, Robert Levy, Brian Silvera, Byron Blake, and Earl Jarrett could be vital to a team for bringing the necessary degrees of drive, public policy formulation, institutional awareness, commercial sense, political credibility, and implementation skills to seamlessly plant and cultivate this revolutionary and transformative economic growth factor into Jamaica’s socio-political landscape within virtually no time.

Cooke is so correct! He points out that just as the National Housing Trust speedily implemented economically sound housing development for our country, an analagous national trust aimed at agressively democratising the renewables in Jamaica could galvanise alternative energy commerce here and boldly jump-start our almost stalled economy.

However, I do believe that any such moves should be freed from the compulsive addiction to photogenically attractive scenarios of wind and solar tourist attractions. Jamaica is a mountainous, humid, tropical country. Biomass and hydro-power abound here. Those are the lowest-hanging, large and ripe renewable energy fruits in our neighbourhood. They naturally flourish here and neither trap capital nor exclude wide-scale employment of local expertise, labour and raw materials.

Our renewable solutions are already generating energy on the megawatt scale and Jamaica has great scope to democratise their uses in our local contexts


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