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Dangriga Officially Inaugurates Solar Street Lamps

dangriga-solar-lights-1Residents of the Culture Capital will notice that there are some strange looking lamp posts in the Alejo Beni Park and other areas of the town. Those are solar powered lights and they were officially inaugurated after the official Garifuna Settlement Day ceremony on Saturday, November 19.

Belize adopted its first national policy on climate change in March 2015 called the National Climate Change Policy, Strategy and Action Plan. This policy was developed by the Belize National Climate Change Committee, established in 2010. The committee spent a year meeting with key stakeholders and incorporated all sectors of the economy; including, tourism, energy, agriculture, water resource management, health and environment, in order to develop a comprehensive plan for climate change mitigation. Energy independence is vital for our resilience to climate change. To strengthen climate resilience in the energy sector, Belize later launched the Energy Resilience for Climate Adaptation Project. This is aimed at enhancing electricity supply security to withstand weather shocks; improving preparedness through the design and implementation of an Emergency Response and Recovery Plan for the power sector, a revitalized communication network of the power company and use of more alternative energy sources.

The Government of China (Taiwan), perhaps Belize’s most generous ally, quickly gave its support to the initiative. It assisted Belize to launch the “Solar Energy Street Light Pioneer Project” in 2014. Through this project, 100 solar energy street lights were gifted by the government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to be installed in the areas in need of better illumination in Belize. The lights, related equipment, and know-how for the project were developed by Taiwanese enterprises. Forty of the mentioned 100 sets of lights have been installed in Dangriga, including 10 sets in the Alejo Beni Park and others in the community neighborhood. Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Dean Oliver Barrow, Hon. Frank Mena, and H.E. Ambassador Charles Liu of the Republic of China (Taiwan) marked the celebration of National Garifuna Settlement Day in Dangriga with the official inauguration of the solar lamps project.

Solar Lamps are also present on the island of San Pedro. In September the World Bank Board of Directors approved a US$8 million grant from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) for the Government of Belize to strengthen the climate resilience of its energy sector. Sophie Sirtaine, World Bank Country Director for the Caribbean, said, “Building climate resilience is a key priority for Belize. This project aims to support the government’s continued efforts to make energy and power systems better prepared and more resilient to storms, hurricanes and natural hazards.”



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