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IX International Workshop: Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development.  CUBASOLAR 2010
Call for registration:
To continue fostering the integration of Renewable Energies, Environmental Awareness, and Sustainability of Development of Cuban economy, the Ninth Edition of the International Workshop CUBASOLAR will be held from April 5 to 8, 2010.
Tasks related to the present Cuba’s Energy Revolution will benefit from the exchange of experiences among specialists, scientists and other people interested in the topic.
The workshop will facilitate the proposals, analyses, debates and projects, which will contribute to the collaboration and creation of capacities of new technologies dealing with these topics, highlighting the attention on countries of the South.
Although new ideas, works and experiences are welcome to increase the data base on the subject, special attention will be given to some subjects which, due to their importance, have become the central line of attention and topicality. These will be:
*Food sovereignty and renewable sources of energy.
*Water supply and renewable sources of energy.
*Energy, environment and sustainable development.
*Education, Culture, and energetic information.
*Importance of South –South and South-North Cooperation.
On this occasion the event will be hosted by the city of Bayamo, the second villa founded by the Spanish colonizers, declared National Monument, and Cradle of the Cuban Nationality, where the Cuban national anthem was sung for the first time. This was the first city fred by the Liberator Army in 1868, struggle that continued during the 50´s of the last century, to obtain the definitive national liberation.
The workshop will be held at the Sierra Maestra Hotel, an emblematic tourist facility located in historical scenaries from where the majestic peaks, which give their name to the hotel can be seen, among them the Pico Real del Turquino, the highest mountain in the archipelago.
Due to its historical importance the municipality of Bartolome Maso will co-host the event in the “Camilo Cienfuegos” School City, the biggest student facility built by the Cuban Revolution so that all children and young people living in the mountains could have access to education. This huge polyvalent school is placed very close to the Sierra Maestra Mountains.
The University of Granma will offer, as part of the contents of the workshop, an optional and interactive course about Energetic and Environmental Education.
As it is customary in these events, there will the CUBASOLAR 2010 exhibition, which shows the potentialities and achievements on the application of the different energetic environmental experiences, by Cuban and foreign exhibitors.
To facilitate the participation in the workshop, a modest price per participant has been established which, without the aim of profit, might help to cover the minimal expenses of registration. CUBATUR Travel Agency offers the following tour package
Registration 100.00 CUC
Board and lodging 250.00 CUC
Registration includes participation in all official activities, internal transportation to all places involved, and materials.
CUBATUR Travel Agency will guarantee the required services to assure a pleasant stay that be covered by the tour package that includes board and lodging in a comfortable hotel during the whole event. (Lunch will be offered at the venue of the daily sessions).
CUBATUR offers the option of parallel attention to companions and invitees. This agency will also offer services of welcome and farewell in Cuban airports, as well as lodging before and after the event.
Due to organizational reasons it is requested that, after consulting the Organizing Committee, inscription and the tour package be paid in advance.
Organizing Committee:
Eliseo Gavilán Sáez, BA
Phone: 537 206 2061
Receptive company:
CUBATUR Travel Agency:
Arlene Álvarez Rey, BA
Phone: 537 206 9809

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