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Cubans will Be Able To Generate Their Own Electricity and Sell Surplus



Cubans will be able to buy stuff that uses renewable energy sources, produces energy for self-use and market their excess to the island’s National Electric System.


Central Bank of Cuba will grant credits to people who wish to buy solar heaters and photovoltaic solar systems.


It also specifies that the loans will be issued in Cuban pesos and their repayment terms will react to the hazard analysis carried out by the bank based on the applicant’s payment capacity.


The retail sales of the accessories and spare parts will be taken out in a network of selected enterprises, including currency collection stores, as provided by the Ministry of Domestic Trade.


Resolution 123, of the Ministry of Energy and Mines, grants the Electric Union (UNE) should purchase all the electric energy.


Besides, maximum power limits will not be established for photovoltaic systems installed in the residential sector.


Cuba aims to increase the contribution of renewable energy sources in power generation to no less than 24% of the total in 2030.


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