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Cuba will vigorously develop renewable energy

As a commitment to the development of national energy security and strategic industries, the Cuban government has said that within the next eight domestic production increased by 12%.

According to an article published by the Cuban domestic the Cubadebate official website, currently only 3.8% of Cuba’s national electricity consumption source of renewable energy, while the next eight will make the ratio increased to 16.5%. To achieve this goal, the Cuban government will strive to increase the development of power generation technology for forest biomass generation and sugarcane, while increasing efforts to promote the application of like solar, wind and water.

expected to be the future of the sugar industry will become one of the main pillars of promoting the industrial development of Cuba renewable energy; the other hand, the yield to 2013 through biomass power generation will likely increase about 10%.

in applications, it is expected that the 2013 Cuba will be the establishment of an installed capacity of 50MW wind park, and as of 2020, will complete the construction of new park in the country eight, when the total installed capacity of the amount of will reach 280MW.

applications of hydro power, hydro-electric power in Cuba, mainly from a large-scale hydroelectric plants and 162 small power plants, its production is only 64MW. But is expected within the next eight, Cuba, the country’s hydroelectric production is expected to exceed 100MW.

in solar energy applications, is expected to 201 212 will begin to build a peak power of the PV Park 1MWp, 2013 will continue to increase major construction projects, the total peak power of 10MWp.Cubadebate website said, in fact, the Cuban National has confirmed that the solar energy installed capacity of more than 2000MW, but only a small photovoltaic power stations but with the networking of the national electricity system and provides related services.

In addition, other worthwhile to develop renewable energy including biogas, forest biomass and agricultural windmill driven by wind power.

According to site statistics show that in 2011, the total amount of the Cuban National application of hydraulic and wind power resources, instead of generating output of about 3.150 tons of conventional fuels, a reduction of up to 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions nearly 20% less carbon emissions compared to 1990.


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