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Cuba to try alternative energy system in 2011

A pilot micro solar energy system will be connected to the national power system in Cuba by the beginning of 2011 in an effort to reduce oil consumption by taking advantage of that renewable source.

Ruben Ramos, director of the Solar Energy Research Centre, told ACN that the micro system will function as a pilot institution looking to achieve energy independence and sustainability faced with high oil prices and its possible exhaustion.

According to Ramos, a 5-kW peak photovoltaic system will be connected to the national system including a monophasic inverter of four kW peak.

Likewise, an automatic system will be installed to monitor and register data that will allow the assessment of the energetic performance during a two-year trial period, taking into account the savings to the total power expenses.

The institution will be also used as a training centre for specialists, technicians and students to continue strengthening the knowledge about the alternative technology.

Cuba’s Solar Energy Research Centre was created in 1984 for the study of solar radiation and the coordination and implementation of technologies for the use of solar energy across the country.

The centre is equipped with top-notch laboratories to lead research on photovoltaic parts and components adapted to tropical weather conditions.

Source: Caribbean News Now

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