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Cuba Moving Toward Bio-Electricity


Bio-electric plants are arousing increasing interest not only in Cuba but worldwide, correspondent to the need to produce environmentally friendly energy, says an expert from the AZCUBA Business Group.


Currently a score of nations are the paradigm for such facilities: Reunion Island, India, Mauritius Island, Australia, Guadalupe Island, Belize, Guatemala, the United States, Costa Rica, China, and above all, Brazil, which has 160 of the 188 plants existing worldwide, said Barbara Hernandez, the head of Azcuba’s Electric Generation plant in an interview with Prensa Latina.


Globally, such plants have a power generating capacity of more than 2,800 megawatts, and of that figure, at least 2,000 belong to Brazil, followed by India (14), Mauritius Island (three), Reunion Island (two), while the remaining countries have one.


The cost for such a facility is estimated at $1.8 million USD per megawatts installed, for the purchase of the equipment in five relevant areas: electric plant (turbo-generators), steam (boilers), water treatment, and biomass storage, plus the link with the National Electric Power System.


If construction and assembly works are included in the investment, costs could reach as much as $2.2 million USD.


But in reality, the millions invested are returned through the country’s avoidance of costs due to oil-based electricity generation, because sugarcane is a crop that stores solar energy, seven times more than another biomass, and each ton of sugarcane is capable of producing the equivalent of a ton of petroleum, Hernandez said.


The AZCUBA program consists of implementing up to 765 megawatts in 19 bio-electric plants from 2015 to 2030, either through plants attached to sugar mills or through remodels of existing electricity stations



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