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Cuba Looks for New Places to Generate Wind Energy

The specialist on renewable energy in the province, Adonis Perez Lorenzo, pointed out that the data obtained during two years in 50 meters high anemometric towers showed positive readings in places known as El Cuatro, in Chambas, and Tiriguano, in Moron.

Perez noted that the speed of the wind, in El Cuatro, beats the six meters per second throughout the year, which is very good for building wind mills with capacity to generate up to two megawatts annually.

He added that, on a second stage, they will run tests in Cunagua and Florencia to scientifically confirm the predictions of the natural conditions in both places.

Perez affirmed that in 2010, the Turiguano wind park, with only one wind generator out of the twelve it possesses, contributed with 296,7 megawatt/hour to the National Electric Grid (SEN), saving 81 oil tons and ceased to give out 256 tons of Carbon Dioxide to the atmosphere.

The head of Energy, Science and Technique in Ciego de Avila, Rodolfo Valenzuela Garcia, mentioned that the hydroelectric station in Florencia also contributed with 406 megawatt/hour to the SEN.

Valenzuela said that they are boosting the use of solar water heaters in hotels, and the use of photovoltaic panels in communities where it is impossible today to invest in electric lines.

For years now, Cuba has developed strategies for generalizing and boosting the use of solar, wind and biogas energy to obtain clean energy and reduce the consumption of fuels and their impact on the environment.



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