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Cuba Increases Biogas Use in Agriculture


Cuban agriculture plans to be self-sufficient in the consumption of electricity through the extensive use of renewable sources of energy, such as biogas.


Small and medium biogas plants will be set up at pig-raising and other livestock facilities to provide a source of kitchen fuel and electricity.


All pig raising centers with three thousand animals or more will begin this year the installation of biogas facilities, with an important contribution to the protection of the  environment and the processing of wastes.

In terms of numbers, some seven thousand huge pig farms in Cuba are under contractual obligation to install biodigesters. Biodigester operation produces biofertilizers rich in nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous, while at the same time reduces the amount of atmospheric pollution.


Biogas installations may also be operated by poultry farms and other agricultural centers, at considerable savings to the economy in terms of fuel and contamination.


Ministry of Agriculture experts are providing information and training to farm operators on the practical and financial advantages of the use of biogas.



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