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Cuba has high solar energy potential

Five KwH of solar energy fall daily on every square yard of Cuba, which equals the energy produced by one pound of oil, said an expert in Havana.

A specialist of the Energy Information and Development Management Center (CUBAENERGIA), Mario Arrastia, affirmed that the sun is the island’s main source for renewable energy.

Arrastia said in Cuba there is a growing awareness of the need to move towards a sustainable energetic future.

He noted that even though the technologies required for such transition are very expensive, Cuba is getting ready to expand the use of environmentally-friendly energy sources.

Havana-based CUBAENERGIA is a center of the Agency of Nuclear Energy and Advanced Technology and reports to the Cuban Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment. Since it was established in 2000, it has led several scientific research projects that have contributed to decision-making processes and the implementation of mechanisms for the exploitation of renewable energy sources.

Source: Caribbean News Now

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