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Cuba generate electricity from forest biomass

Cuba is developing a project, supported by the United Nations Organization for Industrial Development, aimed at generating electricity from forest biomass.

This plan also cooperate Showcase Program United Nations Environment Program, the Fund for Global Environment and the Cuban Government and is coordinated by CUBAENERGÍA involving the Electrical Union and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Provides for the immediate implementation of a power generation unit of 50 kW, which used as fuel for a forest nature reserve in the southwest of the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud.

There’s Crocodile, a fishing community of 400 inhabitants, which has an isolated power system with a peak demand of 32 kW.

The village will benefit from the implementation of a generator that will burn a mixture of diesel and aerated forest biomass, saving at least 75% of fossil fuel.

The raw materials come from sustainable forest management, and the ashes produced during operation of the generator with a biomass-aerated environmental concerns of this type of activity is back to the ground.

The well will be installed in other community-Melvis, in a first phase, a 1 MW of power that works from the gasification of woody biomass available, and the electricity produced will be taxed to the grid of that municipality.

To meet the demand for biomass in the medium and long term, implement a comprehensive program of forestry development with emphasis on increasing energy forests. (AIN)

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