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Cuba and Vietnam Cooperate to Develop Energy Sources

Las Tunas, Cuba, Oct 5.- Cuban and Vietnamese specialists are introducing in the Caribbean island a new technology to generate energy using biogas, as explained on Tuesday in this city during a seminar that will run until October 14.

Before the end of the year, two devices to produce biogas will begin operations, with a volume of 300 cubic meters and a capacity to contribute electricity to meet the demands of a small community, according to information provided to ACN by Dairom Blanco, member of the Biomas Cuba National Group.

Duan Thi Hai, engineer of the Biogas Technology Center in Hanoi, pointed out that since 2003 her country provides Cuba with specialists, materials and technologies to develop the use of this renewable energy source on the island, as part of a cooperation project that includes training and the assembly of plants.

In 2010, biogas contributed to prevent in the country the consumption of an equivalent to over 2,000 tons of oil, a contribution in which farmers and cooperative members played an important role.

In the opinion of Blanco, the use of this alternative should be increased in the near future, due to a greater environmental awareness of the population, the new regulations for the treatment of residues, and the high costs of traditional electricity generation. (ACN)



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