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Cuba advancing a project to convert ocean thermal energy

The Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) is a system based on taking advantage of temperature differences between sea surface and deep waters. In Matanzas Bay, north of the Caribbean island, Cuban scientists experience the potential of this yet poorly researched source of renewable energy.

The information appears in the July newsletter published by the Center for Information Management and Energy Development (Cubaenergía). Among the remarkable results mentioned, it appears that they “verified the existence of oceanographic conditions in the Bay of Matanzas to conduct a feasibility study for location of a demonstration OTEC plant.”

Also, after completion of the studies of the marine topography of the area, the researchers argue that “the results confirm that the Bay of Matanzas oceanographic characteristics very favorable for the location of an OTEC plant near its shores, with large inside depths ranging from 300-500 m, and temperature variations of about 12 ° C, between the surface and the bottom.”

In that sense, suggesting that “with the location of a demonstration plant at the site mentioned can develop and study the technology of converting ocean thermal energy.”

In this newsletter also reports, among other things, the development of a map of potential energy of the sea in coastal areas of Cuba and academics studies for the design of marine power turbomachinery.


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