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CSF-Sagicor Sustainable Caribbean Communities Project – – (coming soon)

The Caribbean Science Foundation has initiated the CSF-Sagicor Sustainable Caribbean Communities Project. This educational project will build Sustainable Caribbean Communities (SCC) through innovation from science and technology that integrates across all levels of formal and informal education sectors in the Caribbean with meaningful linkages to local communities, private enterprise and international networks.

A regional online competition will be used to push the campaign and solicit 2-minute video applications from students that will be openly judged for their alignment with the SCC goals. First round winners will be paired with CSF mentors and will be asked to develop a written proposal of their community based project.

These proposals will be used to select the students who will advance to the CSF summer training program which will be designed to immerse them in science, technology and entrepreneurship classes/projects initially at a Caribbean based institution and then at an international research site where members of the CSF diaspora will play an integral role in program facilitation. Upon return to their homelands the students will implement their project, continue to work with CSF mentors on pursuing S&T careers, and serve as young mentors to the next cohort of applicants.

More information such as application materials and deadlines will be provided later.

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