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CSEP consults with Dominica’s government on a national energy policy

On Monday, senior Dominica government representatives met with representatives from the OAS and other international organizations in Roseau to discuss opportunities to advance the development of a National Energy Policy (NEP) and a Sustainable Energy Plan (SEP).

Further, the participants reviewed proposed implementation actions that will be undertaken to achieve the goals laid out by the policy. The government was represented by Minister Charles Savarin (Minister of Public Utilities, Energy, and Ports), and representatives from other ministries, the Independent Regulatory Commission (IRC), Invest Dominica, and Discover Dominica.

This first government stakeholder meeting of the Caribbean Sustainable Energy Program (CSEP) was organized by the program’s implementing agency, the OAS, in partnership with the CARICOM Secretariat, and the GTZ/Caribbean Renewable Energy Development Program (CREDP). Financial support for the program is provided by the European Commission.

The Ministry of Public Utilities, Energy and Ports and the OAS have been working together to advance the preparation of a comprehensive energy policy and implementation plan that will lay out a pathway for the transition of the energy sector toward a more sustainable future.

The approach is expected to target energy efficiency improvements, the incorporation of renewable energy alternatives, institutional strengthening, and other measures that will help reduce energy costs while enhancing the reliability of the system.

In addressing the workshop, Savarin suggested that “the answer lies in a full commitment to the exploitation of our considerable potential in renewable energy resources, the supply of electricity thus generated via submarine cable to our neighboring islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe and beyond, and the use of these resources locally to attract investment in high energy consuming industries.”

Today March 25th, 2009, the CSEP Project partners will continue these discussions, bringing in other key energy sector stakeholders outside of the government together with the relevant ministries. Among those participating will be the commercial sector, non-profit organizations, civil society, international financial and technical agencies and academic communities.

A key objective for this session will be the development of a collaborative relationship with the electric utility DOMLEC, and with other potential energy generators, including those currently pursuing geothermal power. Long-term sustainability in the energy sector will require considerable collaboration and participation among all of the key actors in this arena.

Source: Caribbean Net News

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