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CREF Presentations Available!

Energy Ministers and officials from the Caribbean, a US government delegation, and representatives from the public and private sectors and development finance banks were present at the recently concluded Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum (CREF) held in Montego Bay. The forum sought to discuss and drive forward the renewable energy agenda for the region.

The two day conference comprised of several panels encompassing areas such as biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar energy, wind energy and waste-to-energy. Panels also addressed issues of financing, the harnessing of renewable energy potential as well as regulation.

Please see below the presentations made at the event:



CREF-Biomass_P1: New Generation Biofuels

CREF-Biomass_P2: Biofuels and Food In Latin America

CREF-Biomass_P3: Biomass Renewable Energy for the Caribbean

CREF-Biomass_P4: Separating Myth From Reality- Realistic Biofuel Options for Jamaica


CREF-Financing_P1: IFC’s Carbon Finance Products


CREF-Financing_P3: OPIC’s Role in Renewable and Clean Energy Investments

CREF-Financing_P4: ARCH Venture Partners

CREF-Financing_P5: Financing Caribbean Renewables

CREF-Financing_P6: Financing Sustainable Energy: The GEF Strategy and Experience


CREF-Geothermal_P1: Carlisle Powell

CREF-Geothermal_P2: WIPD

CREF-Geothermal_P3: Utility Perspective: Challenges and Benefits of Geothermal for Small Island Systems

Harnessing RE Potential

CREF-Harnessing_RE _P1: Sustainable Energy Initiatives in the Caribbean Case studies: Barbados and The Bahamas

CREF-Harnessing_RE _P2: USG Perspectives on Challenges and Opportunities

CREF-Harnessing_RE _P3:Towards a Regional Caribbean Energy Market

CREF-Harnessing_RE _P4:A Sustainable Regional Approach to Sustainable Energy

CREF-Harnessing_RE _P5:Existing and Future Opportunities for Investment in Caribbean Renewables

Hemispheric Biofuels Cooperation

CREF-Hemispheric_Biofuels_Coop_P1: BIOFUELS IN THE CARIBBEAN: The Brazilian Perspective

CREF-Hemispheric_Biofuels_Coop_P2: Technical and Policy Assistance for Biofuels Market Development

CREF-Hemispheric_Biofuels_Coop_P3: The U.S. Biofuels Experience and the U.S. – Brazil Biofuels Partnership with Jamaica

Hydropower & Ocean

CREF-Hydro_&_Ocean_P1: i Tapping Into the Caribbean’s Ocean Energy Potential

CREF-Hydro_&_Ocean_P2: Key elements to consider when developing a hydro project

CREF-Hydro_&_Ocean_P3: Building a sustainable future: The Emera experience

CREF-Hydro_&_Ocean_P4: Wave Energy Technology- A Utility Perspective


CREF-Regulation_P1: Jamaica’s Renewables Tender

CREF-Regulation_P2: The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative: a model for a national and international response to global warming


CREF-Regulation_P4: Renewable Generation for Small, Islanded VIUs: Appropriate Policies and Economics


CREF-Solar_P1: Solar Power for a Sustainable World

CREF-Solar_P2: Large Solar Thermal Systems

CREF-Solar_P3: The Future of Solar Powered Cooling in the Caribbean



CREF-Waste-to-Energy_P2: Proven Energy-from-Waste Technology for the Caribbean

CREF-Waste-to-Energy_P3: A New Way of Looking… At How Value is Recovered From Waste


CREF-Wind_P1: Caribbean Wind Energy: A Private Equity Perspective

CREF-Wind_P2: The challenge of converting the C ibb ‘ i ifi Caribbean’s significant wind potential into a cost effective and reliable energy source

CREF-Wind_P3: Providing Risk Mitigation in Wind Energy investment

See Speeches section of CIPORE for Jigar Shah’s Closing Address at CREF.

Authors retain all distribution and copyrights for their presentations.

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