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CREA wants Cayman to go green




The Cayman Renewable Energy Association (CREA) is really keen For the country to go green. They want to make Cayman a leading light in the Caribbean when it comes to environmentally friendly power. But it has a tough task ahead as right now.


Whether it’s the wind, the sun or even the sea, Cayman could be ahead of the game when it comes to clean power.


James Whittaker, the Chairman of CREA told Cayman 27 there is tremendous potential for Cayman to become regional leader in renewable energy.


In an interview with Cayman 27 Mr. Whittaker said, “Cayman has a very sophisticated economy. The providers who are operating in the industry already have a high level of resources. All the major global manufactures of the latest products and technologies are available in the Cayman Islands. There really is no reason why Cayman can’t become a hub.”


To date only 1.1% of households in Cayman use some form of renewable energy. This something Premier Hon. Alden McLauglin would like to see changed.


“We have waived import duty on all products which are involved in the production of renewable energy. We’ve also waived reduced duty with respect to electric cars and motor cycles and segways,” said Premier McLaughlin.”


He says he would like to see Cayman reach between 15 to 20% of homes using some form of renewable energy in the next four years.



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