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CPG – A new promising geothermal technology

The conventional geothermal systems use Earth’s inner heat to generate electricity by extracting hot water and then using the hot water to drive turbines. The new geothermal system called CPG (CO2-plume geothermal system) on the other hand doesn’t use hot water as a medium to drive turbines and instead relies on high-pressure CO2 (carbon dioxide).

This new method of harnessing geothermal energy comes from the University of Minnesota Department of Earth Sciences, and several U.S. researchers claim that this new technology has significant benefits over conventional geothermal systems.

The scientists have explained this by saying that high-pressure CO2 is much better medium than hot water because CO2 travels more easily than water through porous rock. The easy travel ensures that significantly more heat is extracted compared to conventional geothermal systems.

Another advantage of this new technology is that it prevents CO2 from reaching the atmosphere by sequestering it deep underground, which means that harnessing geothermal energy with this new technology wouldn’t contributed to further strengthening of climate change impact.

Geothermal energy is (with currently available technologies) commercially viable only in areas at plate boundaries or at places where the crust is thin enough to let the heat through but this new technology so far looks very promising to be used in regions where conventional geothermal electricity production is not feasible.

Harnessing geothermal energy while reducing atmospheric CO2 certainly sounds like an interesting concept. Hopefully this new technology will build on its excellent potential and contribute to the development of new geothermal energy technologies in order to help lead this world into a clean energy future.

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