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Company Spotlight: Global Clean Energy Holdings

GCE Energy Farm Development Products

For more information regarding GCE Jatropha Energy Farm Consulting services, please contact us at our Headquarters or send an email to:

Jatropha Seeds

Jatropha seeds

Jatropha seeds

To answer the increasing demand for productive Jatropha Energy Farm development around the globe, GCE sells the seeds from our Farms to potential growers. Our farms are located in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico and in Belize, Central America. Both large and small quantities of different varietals can be shipped globally.

Jatropha Seedlings and Cuttings

Jatropha Cutting Nursery

Jatropha Cutting Nursery

The raising of Jatropha seedlings in controlled nurseries can accelerate the initial growth of farmed jatropha by at least 3-4 months. 4-month-old seedlings can be planted on your farm.

Jatropha can also be propagated through Cuttings. Proper care is required in selecting the cuttings, which should be at least one-year-old and about 60cm long. For seedling propagation, cuttings can also be sown in controlled nurseries for raising seedlings.

GCE is prepared to deliver commercial quantities of high quality Jatropha Curcas seedlings and cuttings that are ready for planting on your Energy Farm or Nurseries.

GCE Energy Farm Off-take Products
Crude Jatropha Oil
Jatropha Seedcake (Presscake)
Jatropha Biodiesel

Jatropha Oil

Jatropha Oil

Jatropha Energy Farm Management Services:

We have organized the process of acquiring, developing and managing a Jatropha Farm from start to finish through 7 primary Phases. Contact us if you interested in utilizing our experience in all, or a subset, of these services:

Phase 1:
The Acquisition of the Farm (Qualifying Potential Farm Land, Analyzing Qualities of Land, and Purchasing.

Phase 2:
Getting the Land Into Production (Assessment of Land, Improvements, Setting up facilities, and Clearing, Preparing, Planting and Cultivating the Land.

Phase 3:
Conveying, Storing, and Transporting Seeds to Extraction Facility

Phase 4:
Extracting Jatropha Oil and Seedcake from the Harvested Fruit

Phase 5:
Transportation of Oil and Seedcake

Phase 6:
Processing of Oil and Seedcake

Phase 7:
Distribution of Oil and Seedcake

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