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CFNbiofuel Announces Patent on a Biomass Torrefication Processing Technology

CFNbiofuel Announces Patent on a Biomass Torrefication Processing TechnologyCNFbiofuel, Inc. of Salida California is proud to announce its latest environmental patent on a biomass Torrefication processing technology called CNFbiofuel™. The patent was issued on May 17, 2011.

CNFbiofuel™ is a clean burning renewable energy fuel that was once wood, but processed in a unique way that removes virtually all the water and polluting volatile organic compounds before combustion. The wood and other biomass is processed in a proprietary manner that changes the chemistry and structure of the wood into a friable material that has a high carbon content that can be used with coal or to replace coal.  It can also be used as feedstock for gasification systems and for conversion to bio-diesel. Every ton of carbon in CNFbiofuel™ used will keep over 3 tons of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel out of our air. The goal of CNFbiofuel™ is to make use of existing biomass material in order to significantly reduce the need for fossil fuels as an energy source. In addition to its environmental benefits, CNFbiofuel™ will also create new industries and green jobs.

CNFbiofuel™ is resistant to water absorption and can be stored indefinitely without decay. This emerging technology is still in the development stages. Several small scale demonstrations units have processed various biomass samples into high quality torrefied wood. The University of the Pacific in Stockton has been collaborating on the project with ongoing testing and research.

Engineer / Inventor John A. Paoluccio PE is a consulting mechanical, fire protection and agricultural engineer with 18 patents, mostly relating to environmental products and technologies. His engineering company was founded in 1972 designing environmental systems for industrial and food processing plants. In 1984, he founded Inventive Resources, Inc. that launched a dozen environmental products and technologies. CNFbiofuel, Inc. was founded in 2010 to bring the new Torrefication technology to the marketplace.

CNFbiofuel, Inc. is producing several larger pilot units to prove scalability before commercial size units are available. This emerging technology could convert agricultural waste, forest thinning and other forms of waste biomass to clean electric energy. Licensing agreements, partners, demonstration projects, and team building are being pursued as part of advancing the technology to commercialization.

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