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Cayman Islands, Caribbean Pioneer in Use of Electric Vehicles


  The Cayman Islands are now the pioneer in the Caribbean region in using renewable energy sources to fuel electric vehicles, with a view to long term economic and ecological sustainability.After reaching an agreement with the Budget Rent a Car company in Grand Cayman, the Company Cayman Automotive will be the first to offer 100 percent electric vehicles for rent anywhere in the region.


John Felder, President and CEO of Cayman Automotive, told reporters that increasing the number of electric vehicles on the roads of this archipielago could reduce costly oil imports.


According to him, this ecological initiative could launch Cayman Island to the center of the scene and trigger a boom of foreign visitors.


“Visitors from around the world will be welcomed to our islands, with an option of emission-free transport, showing the tourist our natural environment,” said Felder.


The Wheego LiFe, as the electronic vehicle will be called, has an electric motor and is powered by rechargeable batteries, can be recharged at any 110V outlet or from a loading station of solar panels, which have been previously installed at strategic locations throughout Grand Cayman.


The car will generate electricity using solar cells free of contamination, reducing carbon emissions to zero, said the regional digital daily Caribbean News Now.


According to experts, the electric vehicles reduce noise on roads and do not emit pollutants from the exhaust pipe, which helps to reduce greenhouse gases.



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