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Caribbean’s Energy Policy at CDB Miami Conference



Regional policy makers will contemplate the alignment of policy to energy security at the Caribbean Renewable Energy Conference, underway in Miami. 


The Caribbean Renewable Energy Conference, underway in Miami. Government and development partners are scheduled to explore the prospects and praxis of alternative energy for the Caribbean.


President of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), Dr. Warren Smith, will chair the panel discussion on “Aligning policy approach to energy security with the regional development of renewable energy.”


According to the CDB there is urgent need to change the legislative framework in the region by altering the monopoly on generation where it exists.


The Bank has also called for an appropriate regulatory framework, which ensures that equitable tariffs; and rules for optimal performance; which balance the interests of consumers, investors and governments are in place.


So far, some countries have enacted legislation such as Jamaica and Barbados, which has laws that support net 



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