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Caribbean Urged Towards Energy Reform for Miami Summit




Ambassador Mikael Barfod


The head of the European Union Delegation to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, Ambassador Mikael Barfod who will be participating in the Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum scheduled to be held in Miami, says if the Caribbean is to fully integrate renewable energy into its development path to impact the various economies, there must be an adjusted mind-set.


Barfod, in an article entitled “Renewable Energy – Bridging the Caribbean Divide – An EU perspective” said the Caribbean must adopt a renewable energy mentality, even as he acknowledged that “this is no doubt easier said than done.”


He argued that with the high education levels of the region, relatively robust governance systems, proximity to and extensive exchanges with very developed economies and the substantial amounts of investments offered by both donor agencies and the private sector, a very sound basis exists on which to achieve the goals of the region”.


He said the Caribbean realities of low penetration of renewable energy, insufficient renewable energy specialists and technicians; energy monopolies non- implementation of policies, legislation and regulations as well as relatively low public awareness are well known and documented.


The EU diplomat said policies, legislation and regulation should not be seen as passive documents but must be actively reworked to deliver and reflect changing times, technologies and circumstances.


The conference in Miami will be held October 6-8.





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