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Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum (CREF) 2010

The 2010 Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum (CREF), the region’s most significant gathering of policy-makers, utilities, RE developers, development banks, private equity firms, NGOs, and other key stakeholders, will take place at Atlantis, The Bahamas, on October 14th and 15th.

CREF 2009 gathered 300 participants from 37 countries for two days of heated discussion and debate on the way forward for renewables and energy conservation in the Caribbean.


CREF 2010 will continue to tackle the financial, regulatory, policy and technological obstacles to RE/EE implementation across the region. CREF 2010 will also serve as a unique and vital forum for the international RE/EE community to meet and collaborate with Caribbean policy-holders, senior utility executives, and private sector leaders.


For all stakeholders, regional and international, public and private sector, with a role in the future energy security of the Caribbean, CREF 2010 is a must-attend event.


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CREF’s objectives are wide-ranging and ambitious. Our goals are to:

  • Define the regional energy market: demand, supply,and opportunities
  • Pinpoint the bottlenecks in legislation, tariffs, technology, political will and finance; work towards real world solutions
  • Introduce the best in regional and international developers and technologies to Caribbean energy decision-makers
  • Explore and encourage energy conservation strategies across the region
  • Provide tools and guidance for energy decision-makers to make good long-term RE/EE policies, regulations and investments
  • Benchmark Caribbean regulatory regimes against global best practice; strive for the right balance between regulation and incentives
  • Assess the relative viability of natural gas, wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, waste-to-energy, and hydro across the region
  • Highlight innovative projects world-wide and analyse their success criteria
  • Facilitate long-term local and international investment in regional sustainable energy projects

As we look forward to CREF 2010, opportunities vie with obstacles for our immediate attention. Some of the key topics we will cover at CREF 2010 include:

Overcoming Policy & Regulatory Hurdles

  • Are we any closer to matching the long-term needs of the utility, the consumer, and the government?
  • How do we rate current policy and regulatory initiatives underway in the region (e.g. Dominica, Grenada, Bahamas)?
  • Is there an opportunity to create a policy and regulatory “blueprint” for the region?

Driving Financing & Investment

  • Are we harnessing the financing firepower of the multilaterals and the development banks to maximum effect in the Caribbean? How can we streamline the interaction between RE developers and sources of long-term financing?
  • Where are the latest investment opportunities in the Caribbean? How are regional RFPs progressing?
  • Are Caribbean countries doing enough to market its opportunities globally? How can this process be improved upon?

Focus on Energy Efficiency

  • Are we paying enough attention to opportunities for energy efficiency?
  • How can we maximize energy savings in the hospitality sector in the Caribbean?

Towards a More Regional Approach

  • Is the Caribbean too decentralized in its approach to energy?
  • Given political differences across the region, is a regional renewable energy center – a hub for investment, policy and financing – feasible?
  • How feasible is regional interconnectivity?

Latest Global Technologies

  • What are the latest global RE/EE technologies and how applicable are they in the Caribbean?

Implications of Climate Change Talks

  • What will emerge from the Copenhagen climate change talks and what are the implications for the Caribbean?

International Presence in the Caribbean

  • What does the Energy & Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA) mean for the Caribbean? How can the Caribbean leverage current US policy and incentives?
  • Which other markets (e.g. EU, Canada) are active in the region and with what incentives and implications?

The CREF 2010 agenda will follow shortly.

Also at CREF 2010 we will be announcing the first CREF Award for Renewable Energy Innovation in the Caribbean. Details to follow.

For more information on CREF please contact:

Matthew Perks
Executive Director
Telephone: +1 845 440 7800

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