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Caribbean Pioneer Airport Solar Power Project To Be Officially Inaugurated

0902_chevron_renewable_sale_970-630x420 (1)The vision of a green and eco-friendly energy supply in the Caribbean turns into reality. A 3 MWp sun2live solarinstallation including more than 12,000 photovoltaic panels was developed and constructed by the UK-based clean energy provider PV Energy Limited. The solar power plant was recently completed at the V.C. Bird International Airport of Antigua and represents a pioneer project fo r the whole of the Caribbean. Now, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda (GOAB), together with PV Energy Limited will inaugurate the sun2live solar power plant with an official grand opening ceremony.

The sun2live solar plant construction at the V.C. Bird International Airport Antigua generates up to 4.645 MWh of green energy per year and therefore, saves substantial 3.019,50 tons of CO2 emissions during the same period, contributing towards the efforts of GOAB in addressing the challenges of climate change and environmental degradation. To ensure optimal results of the solar power plant, high-performance polycrystalline solar modules were installed at the airport. These modules guarantee an excellent and outstanding efficiency even during cloudy sky and interrupted sunshine.

Enabled by the close cooperation between the GOAB and PV Energy Limited, the entire installation of the airport sun2live solar power plant was realized within only 87 days. Due to the unique location, the engineering team had to consider some challenges and specific features. Since airplanes and aerodromes are very sensitive to glare and any reflected sunlight from the solar panels, the ideal direction of the photovoltaic modules had to be defined. As a result of this, a detailed glare study was included in the comprehensive project plan for the V.C. Bird International Airport Antigua.

This first MWp-sized PV solar energy park is part of a total capacity of 10 MWp in solar installations that have been agreed between GOAB and PV Energy. The remaining 7 MWp will be installed on roofs of public buildings such as ministries, schools, hospitals, and also in the shape of additional ground-mounted parks. “The realization of the 10 MWp project means that our Manifesto pledge to achieve 20 % of our electricity from renewable energy is on target, and we are in fact likely to exceed that target making Antigua and Barbuda’s electricity sector possibly the greenest in the Caribbean”, declares Hon. Asot A. Michael, Minister of Tourism, Economic Development, Investment & Energy.

With this notable project underway, PV Energy Limited once again expands its leading position by supplying clean energy via solar sun2live PV systems across the globe.


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